National Museum of Natural History

Washington, DC

Where are we going?

National Museum of Natural History
10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW Washington
D.C. 20560


What is there to do?

The National Museum of Natural History really is an exceptional insight into the history and geology of our extraordinary planet, and lucky for you it's a very family-friendly experience for you to visit!

There are so many incredible exhibits within this DC museum of Natural History, we don't really know where to start - but let's start with everyone's favorite: animals!

Kids can learn about the might African Bush elephant, their ecology and their play in time, along with their connection to humans (kids can also learn their threat from poachers, making it an invaluable lesson on conservation too)

Bone Hall gives an insight into the inner workings of animals, where kids can compare the skeletons of a flying fish, snakes, giraffe, monkeys and a host of other vertebrates, and of course, there's the Hall of Mammals!

Can you find a leaping tiger, or the South American kinkajou? There is even a pink fairy armadillo somewhere too! This exhibit shows you animals you might not see anywhere else, highlighting the incredible variety of the mammal family.

But of course, the National Museum of Natural History isn't just animals, it's the people and planet too! There's a hall that unearths the secrets of our planet's gems, with minerals, rocks, and meteorites, and an exhibit that uncovers the world of Ancient Egypt through tools, ceramics and jewelry found in ancient tombs!

From human origins, a walk through butterfly pavilion, and a host of other amazing things to see and do, the National Museum of Natural History really is one for the family day out itinerary!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free admission! (Butterfly Pavilion $7.50)

Children: Free admission! Free admission! (Butterfly Pavilion $6.50 - Ages 2 to 12)

Discount: Butterfly Pavilion is free on Tuesdays


Need a little extra help?

The National Museum of Natural History is accessible! The accessible entrance to the National Museum of Natural History is located on the Constitution Avenue side of the building. The Smithsonian does not provide parking, but there are designated accessible spaces around the National Mall.


When can we go?

Daily from 10am - 5:30pm

Open year round except Christmas Day


Any top tips?

When you arrive check the daily schedule as there are feedings and events you might want to plan your day around (like Tarantula feedings!)

I’m Hungry!

There are two cafes within the museum, offering sandwiches, desserts, ice cream, coffees and more! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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