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Mount Desert Oceanarium

Bar Harbor, ME

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Address: 1351 Bar Harbor Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, USA Number: 207 288 5005 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We love the oceans, and all the weird and wonderful things that live in there, but in Bar Harbor, Maine you can visit something a little different than your regular aquariums!

Mount Desert Oceanarium is a unique aquarium that really gives kids a learning experience when it comes to our waters.

Why not start at the Maine Lobster Museum! Here, kids can really begin their underwater journey. They can check out the handful of hands-on exhibits, and even check out the touch tanks and FEEL first hand what some of the creatures are like!

The exhibits are fun for kids, and don't miss the one where they can use the phone to listen to the sounds of the whale songs!

The Lobster Hatchery is where eggs are actually removed from the females and raised through a number of various stages, so the circle of life really is on show, and kids can see how conservation works when it comes to breeding.

To see the lobsters up close will be a treat too!

What would an oceanarium be without that adventure into nature? The Marsh Walk is a great place to learn all about the basic ecological principles, as you actually walk through the beautiful Maine landscape!

Lobsters are so important to Maine, so it's fun to take the kids to a place where they can really celebrate these amazing creatures - and Mount Desert Oceanarium is the place to do it!

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Free as far as we can tell!



Free as far as we can tell


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Take those walking shoes!

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It's best to call ahead on the day you want to visit just to double check they are open

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There are plenty of places in the area where you can grab something to eat before or after your visit!

Healthy Eating It's best to take some bottled water and healthy snacks, especially if you are going to enjoy the Marsh Walk

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Teachers corner


They love having schools and so just call ahead to obtain these discount rates!

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Give them a call to check the accessibility of the exhibits and the walk

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9am - 5pm daily

Open mid-May to late October, closed Sundays

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