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Pasadena, CA

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Address: 155 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103, USA Number: 323 306-0131 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you want a family day out where you get to be active, AND try a whole selection of tasty local foods, then you are in luck with Melting Pot Food Tours!

Melting Pot Food Tours offer 4 different food tours around Pasadena and Los Angeles, and cover a range of historical elements at the same time! 

The great thing about these tours, is that the food is inclusive, so once you pay your admission, you just get to enjoy the cuisines that the friendly tour leaders take you to! Let's focus on the Old Pasadena Walking Food Tour!

Kids can make their way through the colorful alleys and explore the secret ethnic eateries in Old Pasadena. You can hear all about the fascinating stories behind the foods, as well as the history within the area. Did you know that the area was just once a sunny haven for orange groves? See, you are learning something fun already!

During this tour with Melting Pot Food Tours, you get to visit cafes and restaurants that specialize in world cuisine, and even enjoy some treats in with artisan ice cream store. Still have a sweet tooth? Then get ready for the chocolatier that you will be visiting!

You can even try some fine cheeses, and a unique handmade soap kitchen. Each of the merchants will share their stories when they can, and it's the perfect time for kids to ask any questions that they may have.

Food, exercise, and treats - could this be the best day out ever in Pasadena, kids?

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$50 (Ages 5 to 12)


Free Under

5 years


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Wear comfortable walking shoes!

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Book ahead because they fill up quickly

I'm Hungry!


It's a food tour! There are about 6-8 stops on the tour where you sample food, and often you won't need dinner. You can see the types of foods on each tour before you book

Healthy Eating It's a good idea to talk bottled water

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There is limited time to stop at the shops on the tour, but they give you a printed guide of the route so you can back track if you need

Need a little extra help?


The tours are wheelchair accessible. Just tell them ahead of time

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Baby Facilities

The tours are stroller friendly!

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10:30am - 2pm. Other tour times vary


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