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    This place is awesome! I was worried that this museum wouldn’t be as much fun as my kids expected, but I ended up having a hard time convincing them to leave!The rooms downstairs have cases along the walls with a variety of vintage toys and games (which I found fascinating), and in the middle of each room was something interactive for the kids to do, which they loved! The Lego dump trucks were a favorite. We all loved playing the pinball machines in the main room, and the nickelodeon was neat to watch, too!Upstairs is trains and remote controlled cars. I loved how the trains were set up with a variety of buttons to push to make different things move, and the kids loved the dark room with the lighted amusement park rides.The staff there were very friendly and helpful. Oh, and brownie points for having chairs in each room so that parents could rest if the kids got really interested in playing with something. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyplace else offer that, and i definitely appreciated it!I would recommend this place to anyone!