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    Just went here to celebrate a friends birthday, it was a lot of fun and exactly the experience we wanted. Price was very reasonable and would recommend to anyone who wants to have some indoor racing fun.

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    While my experience for go kart racing is very limited. That being said as a first experience this was extremely fun. The rare thing about this place is being all electric. The top speed is at 45 mph, and you feel like it. The staff was friendly, and the place very inviting. Pros:I think the biggset point is the electric motors. This simply means no smog in the place, only the smell of hot rubber as you pull the corners. Cons:When we got there at 6pm, it appears the food area was already closed. Not that it would have mattered much, as the food is all general amusement park type food, Nachos, hot dogs, soda, red bulls, etc. Summary:If you need to eat food first, then do so before going (or after), but otherwise I highly recommend doing this. I should mention I did this with a work party of 10 people, and we all had fun. Great bonding experience as you get awards for the top 3 places. Not to mention that when we were doing our 3 races, the time between each race gave bragging rights as you looked at your times vs everyone else.