Imagination Station

Conway, AR

Where are we going?

Imagination Station
1008 E Oak St
AR 72032

What is there to do?

Nature is the ultimate playground at Imagination Station, where kids can surround themselves with sounds, sights, textures, smells and challenges - all via Mother Nature! It's multi-sensory play designed to engage kids in the power of play.

And all indoors of course! After all, who wants the inconvenience of weather to stall having lots of fun!

Imagination Station is where the amazing staff have brought the outdoors - indoors - and where kids can be challenged to love the earth as the original and best way to play! It's also an indoor play center with a difference.

They do offer day admission for kids of all backgrounds to come and play together in a safe, and friendly environment. They are, however, the ONLY facility in the state to have kids of all abilities playing together too. Kids learn to be kind, to take turns, to embrace each others uniqueness.

Sounds pretty special, doesn't it!

In addition to playtime, Imagination Station also offer pediatrics therapy sessions for children, where the target skills by representing the right challenge for each child, giving them a chance to utilize thinking and processing so they can achieve their outcome.

Here, it's no video games, or cellphone apps, or cartoons. It's all about imaginative play where kids can develop and learn important parts of themselves to shape who they will become as adults.

An amazing indoor play station for kids of ALL abilities!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: $7 for 13 mths to 8 years. $4.50 for 9 to 12 mths.

Free Under: 8 months with a paid sibling


When can we go?

9am - 5pm weekdays. Saturday for private events.

Year round


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