Idaho Black History Museum

Boise, ID

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Address: 508 Julia Davis Dr., Boise, ID, 83702 Number: 208-789-2164 Website Contact How do we get there?

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A small, charming and culturally important museum in Idaho, the Idaho Black History Museum has a mission to build bridges between cultures to explore issues that affect Americans of all ethnicity.

The "From Slave to President" exhibit is a wonderful example of how black history inspires the community. After Obama was elected, artist Pablo Rodriguez Jr was inspired to create a large piece of art that illustrates the incredible journey of Black Americans with the USA.

It also commemorates the election of the first African American President of the USA.

There are also changing exhibits, which focus on specific themes or issues within the African American communities, and often perspectives on the heritage and culture from the rest of the world.

An invaluable educational experience for kids to visit, no matter their background!

The Idaho Black History Museum also host events across the year, including celebrations and events for Black History Month, so make sure you check the schedule and so you don't miss out!

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Free entry but donations welcome



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Your donation allows the museum to keep its doors open and host events!

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Check the website for the current exhibit before you go, as it varies!

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Give them a call if you're interested in taking students there, the staff will be happy to help answer questions!

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Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the museum

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10am - 3pm Wednesday & Thursday, 10am - 4pm Saturday, 11am - 4pm Sunday

Open year round

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