Greenfield Village

Dearborn, MI

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Address: 20900 Oakwood Boulevard, Dearborn, MI 48124 Number: 313-982-6001 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Experience 400 years of America's history firsthand at Greenfield Village, where there are over 80 acres that just brim with living history excitement, as part of the Henry Ford Museum!

This historic experience is a reminder that anything is possible, and where kids can be inspired!

Step into the lab where Thomas Edison had that lightbulb moment, and visit the workshop where the Wright brothers taught us to just reach for the skies.

Kids, ever wanted to take a ride in a real Model T, or walk through historic working farms - what historic farming techniques do you think have helped us today? Why not spend time with the skills artisan who are creating beautiful glassworks and pottery, using authentic period techniques?

It's at Greenfield Village that you can be inspired by America's can-do spirit!

There are historic districts within Greenfield Village where you can really just imagine what life was like since the nation's founding. Perhaps you want to enjoy lunch from an 1830s menu, or watch a game of baseball from 1867?

Explore 400 years of home life evolution, and step into scenes depicting colonial life, as well as Early Republic, Victorian, Edwardian and Depression era America. Why read history books when you can just LIVE history?

You can ride a real steam locomotive and investigate the ONLY operating 19th century roundhouse in the entire Midwest, and stroll a century old street - what shops and businesses do you think you will find?

An incredible trip through history in Michigan, where those imaginations will skyrocket!

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$21 (Ages 5 to 11)



Seniors $25.25


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Any top tips?


Check out all the rides at the village, from the Model T, to the village playground, the railway, a horse & carriage ride and a carousel!

I'm Hungry!


There are plenty of things to eat in Greenwich Village, from lunch stands, to a sweet shop, frozen custard, a tea house, southern cooking, and yes - that 1870 menu!

Healthy Eating
There are plenty of healthy options across the food outlets!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


It's a great place for students to visit! Give them a call to ask about field trips

Can I get one of those?


From Liberty Craftworks to Main Street Emporium and the Greenfield Village Store, our carefully curated stores will spark your passion for history and inspire your next great idea. Make sure you take that pocket money!

Need a little extra help?


The village is accessible and Segways are permitted for those with mobility impairments., however they don't rent them

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Baby Facilities

You can bring strollers and wagons, and there are some available from the village too

When can we go?


9:30am - 5pm (Daily from mid-April to end of Oct, then open Friday to Sunday only across November, & select nights for December)

Closed January to mid-April

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