Grand Portage

Grand Portage, MN

Where are we going?

Grand Portage
170 Mile Creek Rd
Grand Portage
MN 55605

(218) 475-0123

What is there to do?

or over 400 years Ojibwe families of Grand Portage have tapped maples every spring on a ridge located just off Lake Superior. During the summer, Ojibwe fishermen harvest in the same areas their forefathers have. Before the United States and Canada existed, the trading of furs, ideas and genes between the Ojibwe and French and English fur traders flourished. From 1778 until 1802, welcomed by the Grand Portage Ojibwe, the North West Company located their headquarters and western supply depot here for business and a summer rendezvous. Today, Grand Portage National Monument and Indian Reservation form a bridge between people, time and culture. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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