Fort Sumter National Monument

Charleston, SC

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Address: 340 Concord St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States Number: 843-883-3123 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Civil War is an infamous event that happened in the history of the USA, and there's no better way to learn all about the events that occurred, than by actually visiting the sites themselves WHERE they occurred!

Fort Sumter National Monument is a reminder of what happened after that fateful day WAY back on April 12, 1861, when the decades of growing strife finally erupted between the North and the South.

The Confederate army opened fire on this very location in the heart of Charleston Harbor. The fort surrendered a whole 34 hours later. Not giving up, the Union forces tried for nearly four years to take it back. Now, it's a fascinating and eye opening National Monument that you can spend your days learning, and exploring.

Fort Sumter National Monument tells the families that visit the incredible history of the centuries of defence that has occurred in the USA.

From self-guided tours, or ranger-led tours, you can choose how you want to see this amazing part of history. Both tours are great for all ages, so there's no reason not to bring everybody!

There are indoor and outdoor activities at Fort Sumter National Monument, but it is still a commemorative area to remember the sacrifices, so they are limited. 

The Fort Sumter Visitor Center is on the mainland in Liberty Square, and it's here you can picnic, and watch the harbor after learning a bit more about the battle. There is also Fort Moultrie, which is a historic and commemorative area, with self-guided tours. There are seasonal daily ranger programs too. Here, you can enjoy the wildlife, bird watch, and evening enjoy some fishing!

Fort Sumter National Monument makes for a fascinating and historic family day out in South Carolina. Much better than those text books! 

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Entrance free, but boat ride has a cost. Fort Moultrie $3






Seniors $1 Fort Moultrie


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15 years


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Pets aren't allowed on the ground at Fort Sumter, or at the ferry. Fort Moultrie pets are allowed on the grounds on a leash.

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There is a snack bar on the ferry boat, and a water foundation inside the fort.

Healthy Eating Picnicking isn't permitted inside the fort, but you can bring your own water and snacks!

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Where is it at?


Visitors travel to Fort Sumter, located at the entrance of Charleston Harbor, on ferries operated by Fort Sumter Tours. These ferries leave from two locations: Liberty Square Visitor Education Center in downtown Charleston and Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant. There is a fee for riding the ferry. Private vessels may not dock at Fort Sumter.

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There is a bookstore where you can pick up some souvenir and educational materials to take home

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Service animals are allowed in the parks, however the museum, restrooms, and book store are only accessible via climbing stairs.

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When can we go?

Fort Sumter ferry time vary on the days

All year round.

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