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There is SO much history to be discovered in Fort Smith, and one of those places that helps you discover it is the Fort Smith Trolley Museum

This charming museum is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the region's transportation heritage,  from the electric powered streetcars to the railroad, and other technology that existed throughout history, offering providing a unique educational experience to the visiting public (that's you!)

Since the Fort Smith Trolley Museum was founded, they have been continuously adding to their collection of real life vintage equipment, and there is SO much to see!

They have electric streetcars, as well as other railroad cars.There are freight cars, and locomotives, and even the work equipment needed to restore and upkeep such items. Within the collection there are even motor buses from around the 1940s period too.

Kids won't just be looking at photographs, they ill be looking at the real cars, and trains, and carriages first hand. For any child that just LOVES trains or machinery, you might just have to put the Fort Smith Trolley Museum on your list!

Keep an eye out also for fun events that the museum hosts throughout the year, including the antique tractor show.

Transportation history awaits at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum. Choo choo!

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How much does it cost?



Ride Token: $4



Ride Token: $2


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Tokens can be purchased from the Operator on the streetcar or at the Trolley Museum.

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Call to arrange a student visit! It's great for the history lesson!

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the trolley rides and exhibits!

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When can we go?


Museum & Trolley: 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday, (Trolley also runs 1pm - 5pm Sundays). Winter Hours: 1pm - 5pm Friday & Sunday, 10am - 5pm Saturday

Operates year round. Closed Monday to Thursday during winter (Nov 1 to April 30)

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