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Denver, CO

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Address: 3300 W Florida Ave #75, Denver, CO 80219, United States Number: 8885606994 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Experience an adventure in the great outdoors in Colerado at Denver Climbing Company!

Here you'll experience what it's like to scale up natural rock cliffs yourself, it's a real blood pumping experience for those of you who are thrill seekers!

Their climbing locations are only minutes away from Denver, Colerado

The locations you'll visit are breathtaking, with almost endless amounts of sunshine to compliment being outdoors in Colerado

All Denver Climbing Company guides are trained professionals with years and years of climbing experience, they know how to make it both a safe and fun time for everyone!

There's a course for everyone, whether you're just a beginner climber looking to test the waters, or you're more confident and want to tackle some of the more difficult climbs they have to offer!

If you're already relatively experienced, you have the opportunity to climb a Flatiron on the world famous Flatiron rock formations, going up to 1,200 feet above the town of Boulder.

The Flatiron climb is an amazing climb for those that want incredible scenery and a great adventure

So if you're looking for high octane fun, to get out of your comfort zone, or a safe, new sporting activity then Denver Climbing Company is most definitely for you!

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How much does it cost?



One Climber - 179$, Group of 2 - 149$ per person, Group of 3 - 119$ per person



Same as adult price



Groups of 4 - 15 $99 per person

Additional Information

Courses for all skill levels, whether you're experienced or not

Any top tips?


No equipment needed, they provide the equipment such as harnesses and rope for everyone

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Where is it at?


W Florida Avenue between S Irvings Street and S Lowell Boulevard

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What is there to do

You can climb on Denver's famous Flatiron Rock formations, this is one of the most iconic rock climbs in Colerado.

When can we go?

Varies as you must book a session

7 days a week

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