Dart Warz Idaho

Meridian, ID

Where are we going?

Dart Warz Idaho
501 E Scenery Ln
ID 83642

208 939-3278

What is there to do?

Ever heard of Dart Warz? If you haven't, then you're in for a treat! Dart Warz is a super fun alternative to those very popular sports of paintball and airsoft. This time, you get to try and challenge and beat your opponents with a fun (and parents, don't worry very safe) foam dart gun. How fun is that!

Dart Warz is great for those little ones over 5 years, where they can learn to work as a team. As well as having a great time and keeping active and healthy, they will also learn communication skills, and coordination.

If you REALLY love this fun new sport, then once a week they all get together as part of a tournament where you can win monthly prizes! How cool!

Dart Warz also have fun special events, such as Glow Nights, where you surround yourself with blacklights and try and outsmart and outshoot your opponents almost in the dark (well, glow in the dark!), which are perfect for those over 8 years.

For those kids over 13 who want something a little more challenging, check out the Extreme Nights which are held weekly. Here, you not only get to enjoy the dar fun, but you also get to participate in foam sword fights, blowguns and even foam grenades!

The fun thing about Dart Warz is that it's not painful like paintball. It's all foam, so parents, no need to worry - they will be in very safe hands!

Dart guns at the ready…are you prepared to accept your missions to try and have a great time and LOTS of fun? Yes? Then on your marks…and…SHOOT! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: From $8/hour.

Children: Same as adult.


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to discuss any disability you might have.


When can we go?

Wed 7pm - 10pm / Fri 5pm - 11pm / Sat 11am - 11pm / 11am - 6pm

All year round. Spring break hours different.


Any top tips?

The opening times are split up into age appropriate sessions, so check before you go which one is when.

I’m Hungry!

No outside food or drink is allowed, but there are snacks and drinks available in their facility. (Birthdays you can bring in food)

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