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Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Draper, UT

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Address: 12047 State St, Draper, UT 84020, USA Number: 801 553 1000 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Kids, are you ready to have a SPLASHING great time in Draper this summer? Well, it's just as well that Cowabunga Bay Water Park is ready with the thrills, spills, and mammoth water fun just for families and kids!

Are you ready to explore it? 

Did you know there are 12 levels on the World's LARGEST water playground? We're not kidding! There are connecting tunnels and bridges, as well as over 300 interactive water toys. Can you just imagine the fun!

You might want to keep your eye out for the 1,500 gallon bucket that drops the world's biggest SPLASH on anyone lingering below!

Did you know that Cowabunga Bay Water Park has ELEVEN water slides? Yep! Whether you like the fast ones, the twisty ones, or even ones where you spend 1,000ft in total darkness, there will be something for you!

The great thing is, you can work your way up from the slides, so start out on the more gentle slides such as Double Dogger, and make your way up to Hang 5 and Hang 10. Then, the Mondo is where the brave end up!

For those pint sized swimmers in the family, the Kid's Cove is perfect! Here, the younger kids can enjoy smaller sized fun away from the bigger kids, with their own slides and activities - and they love it!

Fancy taking a break? Then just head to Cowabunga Bay Beach, which is the perfect place to relax and soak up those rays! You can just imagine yourself lazing there on the side of the ocean, listening to the waves!

So kids - are you ready to beat the heat and take on one of Utah's biggest and best water parks? We think so! Grab those swimmers, googles, towels and hats, because your family day out in Draper has never been so COOL!

Cowabunga, kids!

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$14.99 (Under 48")



Summer Nights offers discounts for the last 2 hours of operation


Free Under

2 years


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Additional Information

The hours are subject to the weather, so check before you go if it's not the best weather

Any top tips?


Make sure you take plenty of sun protection!

I'm Hungry!


Playing is hungry work, so the Cowabunga Island Grille is where you want to be! From pizzas, to fries, wraps and sandwiches and appetizers, there is plenty to enjoy!

Healthy Eating They sell turkey wraps at the grille

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They LOVE having schools, and are in fact hugely popular with them - no surprises there. From graduation parties, to 6th grade class activities, they are happy to work with schools to meet the needs of teachers and students

Can I get one of those?


You can hire your own private cabana if you want the VIP treatment! Great for families who want extra shade and privacy!

Need a little extra help?


Just speak to guest services about the attractions which are accessible when you arrive!

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When can we go?

Typically 11am open, with 5pm - 7pm close. Check ahead online before you go

May to September

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