Castle Halloween Museum

Altoona, PA

Where are we going?

Castle Halloween Museum
2028 Broad Ave
PA 16601


What is there to do?

Why wait until October 31 when you can enjoy Halloween every day of the year at Castle Halloween Museum!

Castle Halloween is a complete unique museum, perfect for those spook and ghoul loving families, with over 35,000 Halloween-related artifacts for you to explore. In fact, they have 250 years of Halloween history for you to check out, from Arcade Machines to Zany Day of the Dead displays!

There is magic, mystery and marvels in Castle Halloween Museum, and what you will see at this unique attractions is a once in a lifetime experience!  With over 35,000 items of Halloween fun, it's just as well you can enjoy them all year, otherwise it will take a long time to see everything!

The museum’s Folk Art and Original Art Collections are HUGE! You can see Southern pottery face jugs, from Meaders to Rogers, Voodoo flags and paintings, and even Andy Warhol’s Dracula.  

You can explore vintage to contemporary, historical to hysterical but nothing scary - so kids, don't worry too much! It's a great learning experience for the kids too, as they can learn about Mother Shipton, Dennison & the Bogie Book, The Mexican Day of the Dead, The Green Man and the ghost of Christmas Present, The Munsters, and poet Robert Burns, and more!

They can even let those imaginations run wild as they explore over one thousand costumes on display.

The museum is by appointment only, and tours are kept small so you know you will get the upmost attention!

Halloween is just around the corner....every day!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10 by appt only

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

Just give them a call if you want to check the accessibility!


When can we go?

By appointment only so call to arrange!

Year round


Any top tips?

You need to book, so allow some time in advance to arrange

I’m Hungry!

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