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    Good place to go but the swimming pool is some what dirty at the 6ft but overall GRADE A

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    i went there on the 28th of may and paid for my 2 kids. I was told that I had to pay as well. I’ve never had to pay in the past if I wasnt swimming, so this is def a new rule. I did ask the female employee about it and she rudely replied that it been like that since she had been there. That couldnt have been long since I just went there last summer. I did notice after arrving that it closed it 5. I had gotten there at 4:15, so I asked “i still have to pay, even tho i am not swimming and it closes in less than an hour” and again she replied very rudely “YES”. I’ve been going there for years and even paid for my childrens swim lessons. That stops now. I am done. They need to hire employees that know customer service just a little bit.. and if they are going to change their rules, they need to post it. Either way, there are other places to swim.