A Is For Amish Buggy Rides

Ronks, PA

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Address: 312 Paradise Ln, Ronks, PA 17572, USA Number: 717-725-8664 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Lancaster Counties Amish area is a fascinating area of Pennsylvania to visit, because it gives everyone a chance to experience that intriguing Amish culture that often comes across so mysterious!

A is for Amish Buggy Rides gives anyone, of any age a change to go back in time, to an era before the train, the car and even the plane were ever thought about! What's amazing about this culture is that it's remained how it was all those years ago, so it really is like going back in time.

You can experience a taste of the Amish country life in person, as you enjoy fun buggy rides through the Amish gardens and farms. You'll be impressed how immaculate they are! (It might inspire the kids to get the shovel and garden pots out!)

There are a number of buggy rides for you to pick from, as well as spring wagon rides. You can even customize a ride JUST for you, so it's perfect for your day out!

The driver is ready to answer any questions you may have, and is always keen to tell you all the fun and amazing facts of the area and the traditions, so get ready to learn some pretty cool things!

Of course, it wouldn't be an "experience" if there wasn't more than just buggy rides! A is for Amish Buggy Rides also give you some other fun activities to keep those little history buffs entertained.

There is a fun petting area with sweet animals like mini-horses and goats that you can also feed! Chickens are there to play with, and if you're lucky Thomas The Tank Car will come along for a visit!

WIth a play area and a Farm House, there is plenty of things to do with the family at A is for Amish Buggy Rides! 

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They are open rain, or shine so no excuses!

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They have an online coupon that gives you $2 off your ride!

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They are located at the Red Caboose Motel and there is a restaurant there that you're more than welcome to dine in!

Healthy Eating There are healthy options on the restaurant menu for you

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Where is it at?


Conveniently located in the heart of Lancaster County's Amish countryside, The Red Caboose Motel & Restaurant is on Route 741, just 7 miles from Route 20 in Strasburg, PA.

Teachers corner


Give them a call about bringing students down - it's a great way to learn history without sitting in a classroom reading a book!

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If you do have special needs, just give them a call to see what assistance they can give you.

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Mon to Sat 9am - dusk / Sunday 10am - 5pm

All year round!

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