Roedde House Museum

Vancouver, BC

Where are we going?

Roedde House Museum
1447 Barclay St
BC V6G 1J6


What is there to do?

History is fascinating when you read about it in a book, but what if you could actually experience it first hand!

That's what the Roedde House Museum is all about! Located in Vancouver's West End, Roedde House Museum is a late-Victorian house that reflects the style of Queen Anne.

It was actually built all the way back in 1893, for the family of Vancouver's first bookbinder - Gustav Roedde. Pretty cool fact! Now, it's been faithfully restored so families can experience what day to day life was like for a middle class, immigrant family during the turn of the century.

Kids - what do YOU think life would have been like!

Want to know what else is really cool about the Roedde House Museum? It's not like your other heritage houses, where the rooms are roped off, and artefacts are behind glass. Nope! Here, each of the eleven rooms are furnished with period items and antiques from the turn of the century, and they are accessible to explore.

Even some of the artefacts can be handled if they are done so with care - imagine holding history right in your very hands!

Along the way, you can chat with experienced docents who will be able to share their stories with you, and answer any questions. They can make learning even more fun!

If you want to explore the museum at your own pace, there are information cards in each room of the house, so you can just take your time, and read all about the fascinating history that surrounds you. 

Don't miss the events too, such as Tea and Tour Sundays, and fun cultural events!

History is waiting for you!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free as far as we can tell!


Need a little extra help?

The main floor of the house is wheel-chair accessible through the kitchen door. All the rooms on the main floor are accessible. Only the bedrooms and collections room upstairs are not accessible unfortunately.


When can we go?

1 to 4pm (winter hrs), 11am to 4pm (summer hours). Please call ahead

All year round


Any top tips?

Don't miss Tea and Tour Sundays!

I’m Hungry!

They are in close distance to great restaurants in the area, so why not grab something before or after your experience! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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