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    I recently participated in a trail ride with friends and family at the Cross Zee Ranch. We had a potentially serious incident when the horses we were riding were spooked by the ranch’s own dog, running loose. We were well into the ride when the dog appeared. Its presence and activity panicked the horses, causing a number of them to run and in my case, throw me from the saddle. The guide was very slow to respond and without the prompting of the one experienced rider in the group to calm the situation and the reaction of another in our party to control one of the horses, the outcome could have been much worse. Once the horses were brought back under control, our guide was prepared to resume the ride without any steps to remove the source of the problem, the dog! Finally with some prompting the guide secured the dog but it remained with the group all the way back to the ranch!Upon our return to the ranch, we were surprised by the nonchalance of the business’ operators who took no interest whatsoever in the incident; their sole concern being the task of putting the horses back in the corral. No one approached us, no one inquired if anyone was hurt and no one seemed interested in understanding and learning from the incident.