Mystery Craters

South Kolan, QLD

Where are we going?

Mystery Craters
15 Lines Rd
South Kolan QLD 4670

07 4157 7291

What is there to do?

There are some thing in the world we can't explain. Crop circles, the Pyramids, even Stone Henge! But there are some even closer to home - right in Australia!

Discovered in 1971, the Mystery Craters are, as they say, "Australia's Most Baffling Phenomenon!" So why not go and see them for yourself?

There are 35 craters, all over 25 million years old - amazing! (That's a lot of birthdays to have to celebrate!)

These unique, mysterious rocks are set in a subtropical paradise, and kids love exploring them because, well, no-one knows why they are there or how they got there!

Some people think they look like footprints (but really BIG footprints!)...some hold water, some don't.  Some have strange markings inside.  What can you see in them? What do you think created them?

The Mystery Craters are great for kids imaginations as they can really create incredible and fun answers for what may have caused these natural wonders!

The area is a fun day out for the whole family, especially the little kids, because they have added fun elements like picnic areas and a sweet fairy garden.

There is also a viewing tower so you can see them from above, and a touch button commentary available!

There is a lovely little gift store, or you can tuck into ice cream! There is also a collection of antique machinery to look at.

A relaxing, and fascinating look into the marvels of their earth!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $7.50

Children: $5

Family Deals: $20


Need a little extra help?

Disabled Toilet facilities are available. Wheelchair access around formation (the area is quite level).


When can we go?

Open every day.


I’m Hungry!

You can bring your own picnic and enjoy it under their shaded eating areas. Or you can enjoy the light snacks, coffee, tea, ice cream and cold drinks available from the kiosk! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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