Caves and Mines in POND INLET with kids

Who said family fun had to be ABOVE ground! If you are looking for pretty awesome things to do with kids in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, then let’s dig deep…literally!

Underground adventures are so much fun with children. It’s an experience that will introduce them to some of the most incredible wonders on earth, and formations they have never seen before.

Some underground experiences are perfect for family members of all ages and ability, but some require more active families as there are often steps involved.  Whatever you choose in Nunavut you will experience something magical.

Underground experiences require you to join a tour, which is perfect for kids to learn all the fun facts about what they are seeing as they make their through the earth.  Sounds super fun!

Why have an above ground adventure in Pond Inlet…when you can go UNDERGROUND! An exciting family day out for all!

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