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Canada's youngest province is ready to entertain your family! There are amazing things to do in Newfoundland with the family and kids. The province has a rich history, so there are plenty of places for kids to learn, from lighthouses to museums. There is an amazing wilderness to explore, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to experience. Mountains, national parks, and even whale spotting - an amazingly family friendly province right on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy your family day out!

Over 1,000 years ago, Vikings landed on this most easterly point of North America. These days, it’s filled with kids having an amazing day out with their families! Newfoundland and Labrador might be the youngest province, but it still has an incredible history.

How about walking down a 17th century street? Colony of Avalon will open kids eyes to a fascinating time gone by! Perhaps you want to introduce them to Hearts Content Cable Station – which played a part when the first cable connected Europe to North America – pretty amazing!

Kids will love to check out the picturesque and historic lighthouses – from Point Amour to Cape Bonavista, and they can even visit a 19th century house at Mockbeggar Plantation (it even has a cod-liver oil factory – get ready kids!)

Newfoundland and Labrador also has a pretty small population, which means more wilderness for kids to explore! Take a trip out with Rugged Beauty Boat Tours, or visit the jagged cliffs of Terra Nova National Park? Did you know there are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the province? Just check out Gros Morne National Park where you can hike through uninhabited mountains!

Don’t forget your camera – you might just spot some whales too!


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