What’s So Cool about County Fairs?

What’s So Cool about County Fairs?

Sep 15,2016read

With their plethora of food booths, arts and crafts items, live entertainment and installations for kids, county fairs are the ultimate fun day out for the whole family.

 County fairs across the nation usually run for several days, so if you are from out of town, considering enjoying all that a fair has to offer by staying as a tourist for a few days and getting to know the area, shopping, taking part in adventure activities and seeing the most famous local sites! We hope this post convinces you to flick through country fairs in your area or nearby, hope into your car, and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime! These are just a few reasons why you should say yes to the next country fair!

Fun in a Natural Setting

Kids spend way too many hours on the Internet these days,  hooked to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Far from being harmless, too much time indoors has many health consequences, including poor eyesight (because children are no longer focusing on far landscapes), stress, and anxiety. Famous author Richard Louv (who espouses the importance of time spent in nature) has coined the term ‘nature deficit disorder’ for the condition suffered by many children, resulting in poor concentration in class and behavioral issues. Louv’s thesis is far from mere conjecture; numerous studies have revealed that time spent in nature lowers levels of the stress hormone, cortisol – this hormone, when present in abundance for long periods of time, can cause everything from panic attacks to Type II diabetes. Time in the great outdoors is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity and we can think of few places to reap nature’s benefits in such a fun way, than at a country fair.

Meeting Farm Animals

Most children would love to have the chance to pet a horse, pig or rabbit and many fairs enable them to do just that. Children can learn about different breeds and types of animals at the petting zoo, feeding and petting them whenever it is permitted.


The typical county fair features something for everyone as far as entertainment is concerned – everything from bands, right through to jugglers, dancers, and comedians. Some of the nation’s top bands have started out locally, performing at fairs and building a name. You could just catch the next One Direction, Justin Bieber, or Usher at your next fair –before they actually become famous!

Fabulous Food

Seasonal, local and sustainable are the adjectives most heard in food circles across the globe these days and we can think of few better places to enjoy ‘zero kilometer cuisine’, than at a country fair. Tuck into flavourful, colorful, delicious foods and ask local sellers about interesting ways to prepare them. Some fairs offer dishes from all over the world, therefore enriching your kids culturally as well as gastronomically.

Home Grown

In addition to seeing new ingredients and sampling interesting dishes, families can also marvel at the fascinating array of fruits and vegetables grown in the area – everything from giant pumpkins to new varieties of fruit, and produce they may never have seen or tried before.


Local artists and craftspersons really let their talents shine at county fairs, making the latter a perfect stop for those after the perfect present or memento. Fairs usually have booths where you can purchase beautiful pottery, fashion, and jewelry, sculptures, murals, etc. Many fairs also offer arts-centered programs for the youth, enabling them to build meaningful relationships with social change activists, artists, and educators who can encourage them to learn about the importance of sustainability and the arts, and perhaps guide them to discover hidden interests and talents.


Fairs also offer many enriching experiences. Enjoy the healing, de-stressing massage with essential oils, have your belly painted, or take part in a pottery-making class. Each fair has its own series of experiences you can take part in, so there is never a dull moment throughout the day.


Some county fairs have rides for kids – the merry go round, roller coaster or octopus are just some fun rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Many have rides specifically for small children, ensuring fun is had by young and old alike.

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