Triple Crown Family Fun Center

Chillicothe, OH

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Address: 1 Nancy Wilson Way, Chillicothe, OH 45601, USA Number: 740 773 7529 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Who is ready to have some family fun? If you are, what better place to enjoy it than somewhere that has it literally in it's name - welcome to Triple Crown Family Fun Center!

This super exciting indoor center in Ohio is filled with a TON of family fun and activities for kids. And yes, there is pizza.

Soccer is the most popular attraction here. There are tournaments, leagues, kinder kickers and classes. A great way for kids to work as a team, and get the exercise they need. Why not consider joining a team - it's a great way to make friends too!

If you just want to head out for the day - a family day out no less - than there is still plenty to enjoy! 

The arcade is always popular, with their latest games and great prizes you can take away. What's great, is that kids don't need to carry around cash because parents can just load credit onto the "Crown Card".

For those little ones who have a lot of energy and just love to bounce, Super Inflatable Land is filled with everything kids need, from traditional bouncing to those fun inflatable slides! You know what else is fun? If you buy admission to Super Inflatable Land, then you get FREE entry into Splash Land Water Park - now THAT is cool.

Splash Land Water Park is the coolest place to cool off in Chillicothe! There are hours of entertainment, and plenty of water activities for those little ones!

And yes - there is pizza!

What isn't there to love at Triple Crown Family Fun Center - except going home at the end of the day!

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Pay and Play. From $7


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Take your socks if you're bouncing!

I'm Hungry!


We mentioned pizza - but that's not all! There are snacks like fries, mushrooms, onion rings and tenders, as well as subs, steak, and meatballs!

Healthy Eating They have salad options and subs at the restaurant.

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They have some great soccer skills classes for kids, as well as tournaments.

Can I get one of those?


You can take home some great prizes in the arcade if you collect the tickets!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs, just speak to staff about the best activities for you

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When can we go?

Hours vary on the day so check before you go

All year round

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