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Tifft Nature Preserve

Buffalo, NY

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Address: 1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA Number: 716 825 6397 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Now kids - put those phones and computers away because there is a whole WORLD to see, and you have to start somewhere, so why not the Tifft Nature Preserve?

This beautiful piece of nature is 264 acres, filled with wildlife and ecological importance. The area is protected, so it's a great way to see nature at it's best.

Did you know that the preserve was actually created back in 1972 when it was purchased for a landfill site? But then people realised how incredibly important the site was, and it became a nature preserve (which is great for you, because now you get to experience it!)

The preserve is such a lovely way to enjoy the great outdoors. There are over five miles of nature trails to explore, where you can spot some of the hundreds of bird species that call it home.

When you arrive, the best bet is to head straight to the Visitor Center. It's here you can pick up some trail maps, and get an understanding of all the rules.

The terrain is a mix of marsh, swamps, ponds, woodlands, grassy fields and thickets, so the diversity is a great learning experience for kids.

If you are serious bird spotters, take those bird books and binoculars and head over to the three boardwalks, where there are viewing blinds.

Every Thursday the preserve offers guided walks for a donation, and there are lots of fun activities for those active families. There is snowshoe rental, as well as Discovery Kits which are always popular. There is cross-country skiing, as well as fishing on Lake Kirsty!

They also offer a terrific set of afterschool programmes all based around camping and exploration.

So why not switch those TVs off, and get out into nature and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Be prepared for weather! Sun hats and creams, plenty of drinks, and wet wear just in case.

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You are welcome to picnic but please take ALL your trash with you and treat the area with respect.

Healthy Eating It's always a good idea to keep healthy snacks in your bag so the kids can keep their energy up if you are hiking or enjoying active activities

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Where is it at?


The Nature Preserve entrance is only accessible through the underpass from Fuhrmann Blvd. which is now two-way traffic on the west side of Route 5.

Teachers corner


There are workshops and guided tours for schools! They can offer 2-3 hour in-depth science activities which give students hands-on experiences both indoors and outdoors. Give them a call for more information!

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a birthday party at the preserve? You sure can! These are very popular, and there are great nature based party themes! These include scavenger hunts, bug hunts and fishing!

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When can we go?

Trails: dawn to dusk. Visitor Center: 10am - 4pm Wed - Sat / 12pm - 4pm Sun

Year round

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