The Leonardo

Salt Lake City, UT

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Address: 209 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA Number: 801 531 9800 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Have you ever been to a museum where you walk around and notice all the "Don't Touch" signs? "Don't touch this"..."Stay off that"...?  That's no fun!

Well, at The Leonardo, they love you to!  Touch, feel, question....all based around the principals and discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci.  If you haven't heard about him, then you certainly will have by the time you leave!

He began his journey learning how to really see things.  Look around you in the museum - what can you see?  

Then you move to technology.  Silent film became blockbuster movies.  Storytelling turned from books to online.  Here you can go behind the scenes at the art and science of creating videos in their very cool animation workshop!  Forget paint brushes - paint a picture with digital paint! Play around with their green screen technology, and even make your own movie.  Spielberg step aside!

If you are a bit of a problem solver you will love the engineering section.  Did you know the word "engineering" comes from the Latin word for cleverness?  Because they solve problems!  In this very hands on exhibit you can tinker, play, experiment and learn with all their gizmos and gadgets using the simple methods of physics.  Maybe you will create something life changing! You never know...

If creativity is in your blood then by all means come and create!  Draw, sculpt, paint and create in their classes, workshops and drop-in activities - all included in the museum admission! Don't forget to catch that creativity - it seems to be running wild!

Math lovers - they haven't forgotten about you.  Leonardo da Vinci began to focus on math when he reached middle age.  After that, math influenced everything else in his life - including art!  Here you can begin to understand how to use math to unlock other elements in the world.  Fascinating stuff!

There are constant workshops for both adults and kids, as well as fun summer camps and free events, so keep in touch to see what you don't want to be missing!

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$7 (ages 6 - 11) / $8 (ages 12 - 17)



Senior $8


Free Under



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Any top tips?


Generally, they are the least busy after 2 pm. The quietest time to visit is after 2 pm on Sunday.

I'm Hungry!


Food For Thought is a quiet star offering a delicious menu, so feel free to enjoy lunch while you have a break from all that knowledge!

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Where is it at?


If you are heading north on the I-15, take the 600 South exit and keep going until 300 E. Take a left to 500 S, then another left. The museum is on the corner of 200 E and 500 S.

If you are heading south on the I-15, take the 400 S exit and keep going until 200 E. Take a right and again the museum is on the corner of 200 E and 500 S.

There is free parking for 2 hours on weekends, paid parking in the underground Library Square, and street parking.

Teachers corner


The Leonardo is an exceptional outlet for kids to really learn a variety of subjects. They can assist with school visits, educator training, and ensure all their programs follow the core curriculum. Field trips can be guided or self guided. There are so many options make sure you have a chat with them when you are there, or give them a call!

Can I get one of those?


There are some great and unique items available! From books, garden ornaments, fun gifts...make sure you spend some time in the store!

Need a little extra help?


The museum is fully accessible to wheelchairs.

There is also handicap parking available on 200 E and in the Library Sq underground parking garage, accessed on the south side of 400 S.

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When can we go?

12pm - 5pm Wednesday to Sunday

Open year round

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