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    i’m a major TV addict so when i heard about this at the MGM, i knew i had to do it! it’s free to get in, in my case u get $20 for participating, and u get a shitload of coupons (all at the MGM). so it was win-win all around for me.. there’s a chance that u end up watching an already existing show i guess, but in my case, i watched a pilot that hasn’t aired yet. (a supernatural sequel to an already existing show). i also did this on my wedding anniversary day lol, so it was extra fun for that reason. to get to television city area, it’s a WALK thru the whole district all the way to the end b4 u reach the pool.. that was the only real down side to this was the walk thru the district lol.. anyway, i signed up and had to wait about an hr, no biggy, i hung out on a bench at the pool entrance lol.. the time came to get in line so i did. however, i kept being told by diff ppl to go to the other line! (there’s 2) this was a tad annoying but at least it’s only a few feet apart so it’s not like i had to go to the other end of the MGM lol. the time finally came where we’d be going in to watch the show. we were brought to a different part of the television city area. we walked into the viewing room which was a conference table w/ a good size flat screen on the wall. there was also ipads, a pad of paper w/ a cheap pencil, and a handheld dial that u apparently use to rate moments in the show (u gotta make sure u keep moving it at least every 30 secs or ur timed out) on the table for each person. we did a few start up things on the ipad and got told the instructions b4 the show started. i’ll be honest, the dial thingy alone kept me awake lol, i was a bit sleepy during this as they dim the lights. so the show was about 40 mins, no comm’s. while it wasn’t the worst show in the world, it was like a cheap version of other shows i watch. as i said it was supernaturally w/ werewolves and whatnot in it. it was a typical, underdeveloped pilot epi that u either like or hate lol. i’d rather have watched an epi of a show i like instead if i was gonna watch stuff w/ werewolves.. this epi really had the pilot feel to it.. anyway, the show finished and we all got to work on the survey u do on the ipad. thankfully i have a tablet that i use the touchscreen sometimes so typing on it was easy.. to finish and reward us, they offer u a raffle ticket to do a drawing to possibly win free show tix at the MGM. we were already going to david copperfield and KA the next nite and the tix were paid for so i didn’t see the point in doing the raffle. also, i wouldn’t have been present for the drawing (they were gonna do it the next morning). anyway, we also got $20 and an envelope filled w/ coupons. 2 of which i happily used moments later lol. i got a ‘dexter’ keychain from the television city / CBS store for free basically w/ the coupon provided, and my husband and i enjoyed our anniversary dinner at the rainforest cafe w/ their priority seating and chef’s app of the day coupon i got… w/ the store, i kinda expected it to be bigger and have more shows merchandise offered, so i was a bit disappointed in that, the only show i watch that was in there was ‘dexter’… the rest of the coupons i ended up leaving for the hotel’s housekeeper along w/ the rest of my surprise cake from my husband from the new carlo’s bakery in the venetian lol.. anyway, if u like TV AT ALL, or even just tolerate tv, i def suggest doing this tv thing. it’s free to get in, and u get rewarded for an hr or so of ur time! how can u go wrong w/ that? and thankfully it’s not pushy and a scam like other shyt in vegas! (believe me, i know cuz my husband and i lost $50 cuz of a stupid timeshare scam presentation we foolishly accepted the invitation to, but didn’t go to, and u get ur $50 back AFTER the presentation…) so yeah, as a tv lover, there’s no way i could’ve passed this up! to share my opinions on a tv show and the chance to influence what tv execs end up doing w/ the show?! c’mon :))))