Sugar River Outfitters

Belleville, WI

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Address: Belleville, WI 53508, USA Number: 608 692-7910 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

We just LOVE nature and the great outdoors, and so do Sugar River Outfitters - which is why they want to give families a fun way to explore it!

Located in the stunning Wisconsin, Sugar River Outfitters are a canoe and kayak hire company that give you the chance to explore the rivers and wildlife in your own time and own pace!

The team try and make your nature filled experience as fun, convenient and safe as possible, so along with your canoe and kayak rental, you also get the paddles and life vests. Not only that, you get a small dry bag for your phones and cameras - so there's no excuse not to capture those amazing moments!

They can also offer transportation services too if you need.

All of the rentals are per day, which means that you really can just enjoy yourself, take your time, and have a great experience.

The team at Sugar River Outfitters can give you a map of the area, and the various parking and pick up points along the route. Then you can really know how far you want to go, and know that if you head out a long way - you don't have to make your own way back on the water if you don't want to!

For little kids they will have fun joining parents on the water, spotting the wildlife and giving a helping hand to the paddling when they can.

Just make sure you take the camera as there will be lots of things you won't want to miss! You can stop in the village of Belleville to explore, or pull over on the side of the river for a private family picnic. Whatever you like!

A fun packed family day out in the Wisconsin nature. What better way to create family memories they won't be forgetting in a long time!

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Rentals from $45



Same as adult


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The rental prices are per day, rather than per boat or per person so you're not rushed for time

Any top tips?


Make sure you take sun protection such as sun screen and hats on those hotter days as a lot of time will be spent in the sun

I'm Hungry!


It's a good idea to take a small backpack with healthy snacks so you can keep that energy up! You can even pack a light lunch as the kayaks have compartments for drinks and snacks!

Healthy Eating Make sure you take bottled water with you

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Where is it at?


They are on the Upper Sugar River - Verona to Belleville. There are a number of access points and parking spots along the river so check specifics when you book

Teachers corner


They offer group rentals where they can offer full days dedicated to large groups too! Great for getting the kids active. They can also include races, BBQs, scavenger hunts - and lots of fun things for the day!

Need a little extra help?


If you have any disabilities just give the team a call and they will be happy to discuss with you and try and work it out!

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When can we go?

Pick up times are selected when booking

March to August

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