What is there to do?

The Zone is not just a roller skating rink (although we find it very fitting that it's located in Rolla!)

There are a TON of super fun activities that kids will enjoy to keep them active, entertained, and having a great time.

First, of course the Roller Skating!  Skating is such a fun way to stay healthy, and have a great time with your family.  You can take to the rink at any level of experience, and just have a great skate to some great music.  The first Tuesday of every month is Christian Music Night too.

Then get off the skates and into combat mode for Laser Tag and Laser Maze! A great way to kids to really work as a team, develop their coordination, and concentration, and just have a great time re-living all those video games they love, rather than sitting at home playing them.  They can live and breath them!  

For children under 12 there is a fun play area with super fun and colorful bounce inflatables which they can run and jump and climb on, as well as a really cool ball pit, and once they have exerted themselves, they can head to the arcade to try and win themselves a cool prize with the redemption tickets.

Of course, if they love it and want to come back to celebrate for their big day they can, as there are birthday packages that can be picked from to make the day super special! 

The Zone also offer skating lessons if your child took an interest in roller skating and wanted to develop their skills more. 


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How much does it cost?



Varies on the activity. Roller Skating from $5.25 for no rental and before 5pm. Up to $11. Laser



Varies on the activity. Roller Skating from $5.25 for no rental and before 5pm. Up to $11. Laser


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Any top tips?


Keep an eye out for events, such as All Night Skate and Toddler Time - where every Friday between 11am and 1pm kids can play, bounce, and enjoy a hot dog and drink for $6!

I'm Hungry!


There is a concession stand where you can recharge those rolling batteries, with nachos, cheese sticks, candy, pickles, pizza, hot dogs, drinks and lots of other yummies!

Healthy Eating
The concession stand sells water and juice

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Where is it at?


If you are coming from Springfield, take I-44 E and exit 184 at Rolla. Turn right onto Kingshighway, and immediately turn right onto Martin Spring Drive. Then before a mile is up turn left onto Blues Lake Parkway. And you're there!

Can I get one of those?


They sell skates there! Quad skates, hockey skates...if you really think you love skating it's worth looking into.

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When can we go?


Wed & Thurs 1pm - 4pm / Friday and Saturday 11am - 10pm

Sunday and Monday by reservation. Tuesdays only 6pm - 8pm for Christian Music Night

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