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Address: 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA Number: 877 783 3616 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Yukon Gold Rush was a pretty important part of history - it meant hundreds of thousands of people changed their whole life in search of fortunes! The Yukon is in Canada, but did you know that it affected places in the USA - like Seattle!

Queen of Seattle Paddle Wheeler Tours are a great way to learn all about that history, AND have a great time on a super fun paddle wheeler! It's like you're going back in time as well as learning about it. 

Did you know that the Queen of Seattle is the LARGEST steam powered paddle wheeler west of the Mississippi River? It is - so you can imagine how impressive it will be! 

Taking a tour on a paddlewheeler is a fun and unique way to see a city from another point of view. The Queen of Seattle Paddle Wheeler also happens to have been built in 1884 - how amazing is that!

If you want to just sit back and have a relaxing ride on the Queen of Seattle, then check out the seasonal Sightseeing Cruises. These 2 hours adventures offer you fun facts about history, as well as a Live Klondike Cabaret Show! If you're a fan of the film "Sleepless in Seattle", then you're in luck because you go past that on the cruise! There are also amazing views of the mountains and downtown Seattle.

The, if you want something different, check out the theme cruises! Enjoy a fun 1890's Gold Rush dinner cruise, or perhaps try one of the mystery events - like the who donnit murder mystery cruises! There are even holiday celebrations!

It's time to find your fortunes! 

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Sightseeing: $29



Sightseeing: $15


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Boarding starts 30 minutes before departure, and they always leave on time so don't be late!

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Casual wear is best, and it's best to bring a coat appropriate to the season. Remember it's a bit cooler on the water!

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If you get the dinner cruise, then of course you get a tasty dinner! All other cruises, they offer snacks, drinks and light lunch fare.

Healthy Eating Best to take bottled water with you so you stay hydrated.

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Sightseeing cruises: 11am and 2pm (also 1pm in October)

May to October

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