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    When you read about the diorama at Wyoming Territory, the word kitsch comes to mind. When you actually visit, you are in awe. The museum is “free” now (donations encouraged), or at least during the off season (we were there September 6). The center piece of the museum is the diorama. It is probably 100 feet long by about 30 and details the history of Wyoming and some of Montana from the earliest native Americans through the battle of the Little Big Horn. The diorama took 50 years of the owner’s life and the attention to detail is astounding (including buffalo jumps, the Fetterman Massacre and the building of many forts and towns). There are also trains the little ones can operate.But while this might be the attraction, I found the artifacts simply astounding. The owner has gathered one of the biggest private collections of native American goods I have ever seen. Add to it the miltiary and homestead items and you have a first class museum, if it only had more information about the items.The museum is a draw for the store, which is a bit touristy, although not nearly as badly priced as many things in the area.