Merrimack, NH

Where are we going?

746 Daniel Webster Hwy
NH 03054

(603) 429-2200

What is there to do?

NUThin'but GOOD TIMES!  And no, we didn't accidentally put on caps lock or spell that incorrectly, you read it right!  

They are fun, zany and super excitable people who just want kids (like you!) to have a really GREAT time!  They have a super fun and exciting play area where you can climb, jump, crawl, clamber, laugh, imagine and create!  You can play with your friends, play on your own in a world of make believe, or you can meet new friends - all in a colorful, yet safe and clean environment.

There are crazy mazes, fun activities, mysterious tunnels and super slippery slides to enjoy! 

For those little ones who might prefer to be around kids their own age, there is a toddler soft-play structure which is specially for those under 3.  They can crawl and play on little tiny slides and climbers just for them!

Parents, they have you covered, before there is a comfortable area that you can relax, read, socialize and enjoy a coffee in.  And yes, those magic words:  They have free wifi.  They also have over 40 magazine subscriptions for you to choose from!  Of course - kids now back us up on this one - sometimes it's fun to play as a family...right?  Just as well, because all the structures are adult friendly so no excuses parents, get up there with your kids and start playing!

Perhaps you'll be a family of pirates sailing the seven seas?  Who knows!

They also have fun events like Family Movie Night (with free popcorn) so keep an eye out for these!  


How much does it cost?

Adults: $2.50 (Over 18)

Children: Crawlers $2.50, 3 & Under $5.50, 4 & Older $9.00

Discount: Groups 12 or more enjoy discount procing; Military

Free Under: Infants under 1


When can we go?

Summer Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 5pm

All Year


Any top tips?

Adults - you need socks too! There is a no shoe rule for everyone. Dad - make sure you pick some out without holes in them!

I’m Hungry!

Worked up an appetite? Of course you have! You can feast on pizza, hot dogs, wraps, salads, quiches, nuggets, grilled cheese...oh we're hungry just thinking about it! Outside food is not permitted.

Healthy Eating

First, they have gluten, nut and dairy free options, so you are covered there! They have made to order wraps and salads for those wanting a little healthier option. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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