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Are you ready for some pretty epic family adventures in Wisconsin, that will thrill, excite, challenge - and best of all, ensure you have a family day out filled with FUN?

Northwoods Zip Lines and Adventure Tours offer a number of experiences that the whole family can enjoy together - with options for kids as young as 3 years - so it really can be a family experience.

For the youngest in family, the Kids Zip Line Tour is where kids aged 3 years to 7+ can navigate their way across 3 adventure bridges, and 3 zip lines - certainly to be the highlight of their summer!

The Kayak River Tour and Argo ATV Tours are great for anyone over 5 years, where you can meet some local deer, explore the stunning Tomahawk River, and splash through puddles! 

As the kids get older, check out the Zip Line Canopy Tour, suitable for those over 7 years. This classic tour features 9 zip lines, and 5 adventure bridges, and is a great way to get personal with nature.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the local wildlife as you soar through the canopy like a bird!

Still for those over 7 years, the Aerial Trekking Tour is for the more adventurous, with 5 zip lines intermixed with 14 high ropes, perfect for anyone who wants to unleash their inner daredevil!

Then of course, you have the X-Treme Adventure Tour, which is the flagship tour of Northwoods Zip Lines and Adventure Tours, combining both the Canopy Tour and the Trekking Tour, resulting in a whopping 13 zip lines, 5 adventure bridges, and 14 aerial trekking elements!

Did we mention after all of that, anyone who takes a tour with Northwoods can enjoy a paddleboard experience after their tour - at no cost? Yes - that's right, FREE paddleboarding on the very lake you have just zipped over!

Could there be almost TOO much adventure waiting to be enjoyed in Wisconsin? There is only one way to find out, and it's at Northwoods Zip Lines and Adventure Tours!

What will you conquer today?

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How much does it cost?



Kayak Tour $69, Canopy Tour, Argo ATV Tour & Aerial Trekking Tour $105 each, then X-Treme Adventure Experience $169



Kids Tour $30, then various tours range up to $169


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Any top tips?


Closed toe shoes are required, and make sure you dress for the weather!

I'm Hungry!


They provide water

Healthy Eating
There are picnic tables if you want to bring your own healthy lunch! Having healthy snacks on hand for kids too is a great idea for all the energy they will use up

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Where is it at?


They are located just off Hwy 51 - a mile south of Minocqua

Can I get one of those?


They sell t-shirts, so why not pick up something to remember your adventure by!

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the experiences, they will be happy to answer any questions

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When can we go?


Book your time when you reserve your tour

Open year round by reservation

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