Noahs Lost Ark

Berlin Center, OH

Where are we going?

Noahs Lost Ark
8424 Bedell Rd
Berlin Center
OH 44401


What is there to do?

There are so many beautiful animals in the world, and unfortunately some aren't treated the way they should be. Luckily, there are animal sanctuaries such as Noah's Lost Ark that takes in unwanted an abused exotic animals, and gives them a safe forever home - and you can visit!

Noah's Lost Ark is a non-profit organization, that relies solely on admissions to keep the sanctuary going, so a visit on your next family day out will be directly helping the animals you will be meeting - so they need you!

There are some gorgeous animals at Noah's Lost Ark, and what's great for kids is that they can really connect with the animals, and they all have a story of their own. You might want to read about Hawk the grand lion, or LuLu and Lexus, the playful cubs.

Bubba the Tiger was rescused from an abusive owner, and now can't wait to say hi to his new friends that come and visit! Have you ever heard of a liger? Well, they are a combination of tigers and lions, and from Sophie to Kira, and even Keenya, they are so beautiful to look at!

The sanctuary is where kids can come face to face with gorgeous cougars, leopards, and even wolves and foxes!

Have you ever seen a bear up close? They might not look so bad when you know you're looking Heather and Bart in the eye, and kids can really see how much personality they have.

They are so much more than animals, and Noah's Lost Ark can give kids an invaluable lesson on not just the animals themselves, but why it's so important to look after the wildlife we have on the planet. 

So let's go and have that WILD family day out with some beautiful animals that are just waiting for your visit! sponsors an animal at Noah's Lost Ark too, to show their support

How much does it cost?

Adults: $9

Children: $6 (Ages 2-17)

Free Under: 12 months


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to see if they are accessible!


When can we go?

10am open. 4pm - 6pm close.

Mid-May to late-October. Closed Mondays all season, and weekdays Sept/Oct


Any top tips?

Allow a couple of hours to really check out everything in the zoo! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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