Nightmare On 13th

Salt Lake City, UT

Where are we going?

Nightmare On 13th
320 1300 S
Salt Lake City
UT 84115


What is there to do?

Love Halloween and all things spooky? You're in luck if you're in Salt Lake City because it's here you can find Nightmare On 13th!

Sound scary already....keep reading!

Nightmare On 13th is a high tech advanced Haunted House that has been giving families the spooks for over 10 years!

Inside, you will come face to face with very cool animatronics, amazing lighting effects, lasers, and scary actors! They are always changing what's inside too, so no matter how many times you enter, you'll always be kept on your feet!

As Halloween approaches dare you enter and brave what is about to face you? 

Don't miss the select dates in November where you can be part of the "black out" - this means all of the lights in the haunted house are put out and each group is given a finger light to illuminate their way through the dark abyss of Nightmare on 13th.

So kids - do you dare take on a haunted house with a difference? You might want to get some sleep before you go, because chances are you won't be sleeping for a while after you visit! 


How much does it cost?

Adults: $25 - $45

Children: Same as adult

Discount: Bounceback Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday ONLY - $13


When can we go?

7:30pm open, and close between 10pm - midnight

Select dates in September, October and November only


Any top tips?

The regular admission is $25, but you can buy the tickets for $35 or $45 with extra perks, such as reduced waiting times and a special entrance!

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