Museum of the Fur Trade

Chadron, NE

Where are we going?

Museum of the Fur Trade
6321 US-20
NE 69337

308 432-3843

What is there to do?

Before you even step into the Museum of the Fur Trade you can start feeling the history come to life, because the museum actually stands on the site of James Bordeaux' trading post, which was established for the American Fur Company all the way back in 1837 - AND it's now included in the National Register for Historic Places.

Pretty impressive!

The museum is dedicated to the memory of the traders and trappers who explored a continent, and to the Indians with whom they traded, played, and fought.

All of the items within the museums' collections are all original pieces, with one of the highlights being the oldest known point blanket that dates back to 1775! Also within the collection are firearms own by Kit Carson and Tecumseh, and even crop seeds that were obtained directly by American Indians.

Only crop seeds you ask? Well, what if we told you the crop seeds were traded 125 years ago? Yes - we were impressed too!

The Museum of the Fur Trade adds new exhibits every season, so there is always something to go back to see.

The fur trade is the first great romance of America - before the thundering cattle drives and raucous saloons of the "Wild West," before the first creaking Conestoga wagon inched westward on the Oregon Trail, and even before the stern Pilgrims stepped from their fragile ships onto Plymouth Rock, the continent was buzzing with business of furs, so this really is an insight into an integral piece of American history.

How much does it cost?

Adults: $5

Children: Free under 17 years with adult admission


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call if you have questions about the accessibility of the exhibits


When can we go?

8am - 5pm daily in season

Season runs May to October (rest of year by appt only)


Any top tips?

Photography is allowed at the Museum of the Fur Trade, so remember to bring your camera along!

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