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Have you ever heard of the great "Mormon Migration"? Well, if you haven't, the Mormon Trail Center will certainly tell you all about it!

The Mormon Trail Center is a fascinating look back in time, to when 90,000 pioneers migrated to the grand Rocky Mountains! It happened back between 1846 and 1860, and at the Mormon Trail Center can take you through the whole journey, as though you were really there!

Did you know that the Mormon Trail Center is actually built on a site where over 3,000 Mormon pioneers settled? Between 1846 and 1847, what is known as the Winter Quarters was where these 3,000 Mormons built log cabins and created their own small town, which then paved the way for the rest of the pilgrims to journey over. 

Learn all about the experience, as you explore the full sized log cabin, and those iconic pioneer coveered wagons, along with the oxen and handcart. Can you imagine what it would have been like to travel the country on a covered wagon?

With optional guided tours, you can ask all the questions you like as you hear the stories of those who made that incredible journey! 

There are also paintings and videos which can tell you the story. 

It's a fascinating history and one that shaped America - especially Omaha!


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They have events like the Annual Gingerbread festival, that are super fun to attend!

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From January to June, every third Saturday they have free genealogy classes for anyone wanting to learn more about their family tree!

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There are plenty of places to eat in Omaha!

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