Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Farmington Hills, MI

Where are we going?

Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum
31005 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington Hills
MI 48334

248 626 5020

What is there to do?

If you love the weird and wonderful, then this place might just be for you!

The brilliantly named Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (try saying that fast 5 times!) is a unique and quirky museum set up by just one man - Marvin.

It features Marvin's personal collection of coin operated machines, as well as lots more really fun and curious items.

He has cool vintage and mechanical games from all over the world.  Maybe your parents will recognize some!

Amusing items such as a classic tic tac toe chicken (we know!) and a great collection of maintained pinball machines will interest and fascinate you.

Some of the items are incredibly rare (so be careful!), and some were built specifically for the museum.  

You can actually play the coin operated games too!

There are so many items to see, you might have to make a few trips!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Just however much you want to spend on coin operated machines!


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to see what accessibility there is for you!


When can we go?

Mon & Thur 10am - 9pm / Fri & sat 10am - 11pm / Sunday 11am - 9pm


Any top tips?

Don't forget your pocket money - you will be needing it!

I’m Hungry!

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