Magic Mountain Fun Center East

Columbus, OH

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Address: 5890 Scarborough Blvd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA Number: 614 892-3335 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Want just one place where there is a TON of family fun to be had? Welcome to Magic Mountain Fun Center East! This fun Columbus attraction has a host of activities perfect for the family - no matter what age!

The center is also pay and play, so you can have lots of fun no matter what your budget! 

Are you excited to hear what kind of attractions and rides there are at Magic Mountain Fun Center East for you to enjoy? 

Want to practice those swings and try your hand at TWO 18 hole golf courses? Tee up that club and test your skills against the family - nothing wrong with that friendly competition! Each hole will lead you on an adventure of skill - and for some family members it might test your patience too! 

Perhaps you want to spend your day in a web of laser beams? Just like James Bond, you need to navigate your way through to try and get that high score and complete your mission! You only have lasers, mirrors, effects and haze in your way - not much! We know you can do it!

Do you have that inner F1 champion in you? Then let's see what you're made of as you get behind the wheel on the Magic Track Go-Karts! Twist and turn around the track with 15 other drivers all trying to get past that chequered flag first. Perfect for those 58" inches or taller, but those 42" and over can be a fun passenger! (You can always try the Rookie Karts!)

Batter up! There are batting cages if you want to try and perfect that home run swing, or perhaps bump your way around the bumper car track!

There is even a KidsGym Climbing Playground with fun, interactive play elements that will really give those active kids a great time!

We told you there was a host of family fun attractions to be had. Get down there and get started! 

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Free entry, but pay and play.



Same as adults.


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You can have your birthday party at the center! There is food and fun for all ages, and lots of birthday party specials!

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There are snack counters where you can pick up some tasty treats to keep those tummies from rumbling!

Healthy Eating Grab a bottle of water from the center to stay hydrated! It's good for you!

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They know education is important, and so they offer student incentives, reward programs and fun class outings!

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Give them a call before hand if you have special needs, to see how they might be able to accommodate you

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Mon to Thurs 10am - 10pm / Fri & Sat 10am - midnight / Sunday 11am - 10pm

All year round.

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