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Harmony Park Safari

Huntsville, AL

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Address: 431 Clouds Cove Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803, USA Website How do we get there?

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It's time to head out on a super cool safari to see exotic and endangered animals! And no, you don't have to be in Africa to enjoy it. Just Alabama!

Harmony Park Safari is open March to November, and is a federally licensed nature preserve that is home to free ranging animals from all over the world. Best of all, you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own vehicle!

The drive through route takes you around 2 miles of beautiful countryside, that is teeming with zebras, antelope, buffalo, and ostrich. You might spot a camel, or see a tortoise hanging with it's friends. 

Look up to see the giraffes biting the leaves on the trees too, or keep an eye out for them to come right to your window!

The exotic species of Down Under might just pop round for a visit too, with those kangaroos bouncing around the preserve. 

Some of the animals will literally be coming right up to your car! 

Another great thing about Harmony Safari Park, apart from all the animals of course, is that you do get to drive at your own pace around the park, and it doesn't involve any strenuous walking for those younger kids or elderly family members.  The speed limit is 5mph but with all the animals that will gather at your car (especially if you bought a feed bucket!) then it might even be slower!

Once you have completed the two mile loop, make sure you stop to visit the reptile house too. 

The park might be closed in adverse weather, but otherwise it's open daily including holidays during it's season.

So are you ready to enjoy a fun safari in Alabama? It's going to be a WILD family day out for all!

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No RVs, buses or trailers are allowed. Cash and checks are accepted

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You can buy animal feed for $5 a bucket. Make sure you don't feel the animals any outside food.

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You can bring your own food in the car, but make sure you don't feed any of it to the animals!

Healthy Eating Take bottled water with you

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