Grand Encampment Museum

Encampment, WY

Where are we going?

Grand Encampment Museum
807 Barnett Ave
WY 82325

307 327 5308

What is there to do?

Are you excited to go back in time 100 years and experience Encampment as it was a century ago?

The Grand Encampment Museum, located in Encampment is the "GEM" of Southern Wyoming (GEM - get it?) and preserves history with a collection of over a dozen historical buildings filled with artifacts that represent its past, specifically the timber, mining, and agricultural history of the Encampment valley.

The main structure that houses many of the artifacts (and the gift shop) is the Doc Culleton Memorial Building, which is the best place to start your historic adventure.

Here, you can find details of all the buildings and structures on the property, as well as information on any tours that are running, as well as exhibits and items showcasing domestic life and western culture!

Then you have the world famous two-story outhouse, which is a replica of the original that is located in the state, and there is also a of building that was originally a cabin in Riverside.

The blacksmith shop was an important feature of every early mining town, as there were always wagon wheel and horses to shoe, and kids can learn all about that at this historic building!

You can explore the Battle Miner building, which is the only building left from the Battle Lake Ghost Town, there's a 1900 saloon - once an insurance office - and yes kids, there's an ice cream parlor that was originally owned in 1800.

With a schoolhouse, tramway, historic family homes and SO many more historic buildings to explore, it's like the Grand Encampment Museum is almost its own town!

Are you ready to go back 100 years and experience Encampment life a century ago? We sure are, so let's re-live history!

How much does it cost?

Adults: By donation

Children: By donation


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the exhibits and historic buildings


When can we go?

Call before you visit for hours

Season opens late May & runs to September (then weekends only in October)


Any top tips?

Don't miss the fun events that the museum host, including Living History Day where those imaginations can have a rest because you are actually SEEING history come to life in front of you! They also have Jamborees, cowboy gatherings and more! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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