Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

Las Vegas, NV

Where are we going?

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
8103 Racel St
Las Vegas
NV 89131

702 645-4224

What is there to do?

Think Las Vegas is all about casinos? Think again! 

Las Vegas actually has some great places to visit with kids, and one of those places is Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary! Yes, you get to visit an oasis in the Nevada desert!

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary offers a safe haven for animals of all types, and YOU can visit them! The sanctuary is home to many, many birds, ranging from the colorful parakeets to the stunning macaws. Yes, there is even a Toucan!

The bird population also includes farm-raised birds. This means kids, that you get to come face to face with amazing animals such as emus, ostrich, chickens and the impressive peacock.

Keep your eyes peeled around you, as ducks, swans and various types of geese live year around in the pond area. 

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary isn't just for birds. They are also home to giant tortoise, llamas, horses, donkeys, goats, ponies, and even pigs. Make sure you stop to say hi to Bambi, the rescued mule-deer. 

If you love animals and nature, this might just be the spot for you!

Established in 1970, this wonderful sanctuary relies on support of families just like yours to visit, as that helps them keep the animals happy and healthy. This means that every family day out that you enjoy here, you are directly responsible for those creatures all around you enjoying such a great life!

So why not visit this wildlife oasis when the lights of Vegas turn off. It's a new kind of WILD day out in the city that never sleeps!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free entry! But grateful for donations

Children: Same as adult


When can we go?

9am - 4pm

They are closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays, as well as Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day


Any top tips?

Guided tours are available for a nominal fee from Thursdays to Sundays by appointment, - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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