Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Observatory

Prospect, ME

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Address: 740 Fort Knox Rd, Prospect, ME 04981, USA Number: 207 469 6553 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Do you love history?  Do you love wandering around pieces of history, imagining who used to live and work in those places?  Even kids just like you?

Fort Knox is one of New England's better preserved fortifications.  History is just oozing from every brick and cannon battery (yes - they had cannons!).

You can learn all about all the invasions, wars, revolutions and the War of 1812.  You will read all about the engineers who designed the incredible fort, and the generals who fought to protect it.

Did you know it costs nearly $1 million to build it!?  AND it took nearly 25 years to build! (Here's a fun fact - when they stopped building it in 1869, it STILL wasn't finished!)

A very fun and fast elevator ride away from the fort is the Penobscot Narrows Observatory where you can enjoy pretty spectacular views from the top!  You will be 420 feet up, and then you take your time going up the last two floors so you can try and spot all the famous landmarks - which ones do you recognize? 

Keep an eye out for the information panels as you walk around the fort - they will tell you all the cool facts and stories about what happened where you are standing.  Then you can use your imagination and picture it happening all around you!

We love history because we can feel it come to life as we experience it.  Can you? 

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How much does it cost?



Fort only $4.50 (Ages 12 and up)



Fort only $1 (ages 5 - 11)



Main residents, seniors. Free for season pass holders.


Free Under

4 years


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Any top tips?


The fort occasionally hold Civil War reenactments. Keep and eye out for these listed if you want to experience it. (you can also participate!)

I'm Hungry!


There are of course picnic facilities on the Fort grounds, as well as BBQ grills and a covered pavilion. If you want, you can reserve a pavilion for $25. What better view could you ask for as you enjoy your meal!?

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Where is it at?


You can enter "740 Fort Knox Road, Prospect, Maine, 04981" into your GPS, or google maps.

If you get onto Route 174, Fort Knox will be on your right. .

Need a little extra help?


The gift shop, visitor's center, picnic areas and restroom are handicap accessible. If you do use a wheelchair you can access the inner fort, you will find the original granite steps and stairways in other parts of the fort will limit your access.

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When can we go?

9am - Sunset (times for observatory vary)

May to October

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