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About Custer County Historical Society

History comes to life at Custer County Historical Society! It's one thing to read history in a book, and it's another thing to actually walk through it like it's happening all over again!

The museum in the Custer County Historical Society gives the family a glimpse into 19th century life within the county itself. It's amazing to think that right where you're standing has had so many people pass across it, each one with it's own story and own way of life!

A popular exhibit within the museum is the recreation of a General Store, complete with most of the original display cases and merchandise that once was actually in the original store - pretty crazy!

The store was actually first set up in 1886, by a cattleman from Wisconsin - and it's said he moved the store by sliding it across the ice - pretty amazing!

In 1912 a drug store was built onto that original store, and it is this pharmacy that appeared on display in the museum.

The Custer County Historical Society even has a remodeled second room, which includes that famous Solomon Butcher gallery, as well as music from the 19th and 20th century to introduce kids to arts of the past.

There are textile displays, as well as a large military exhibit where kids can learn all about the various wars - from the Spanish American, both World Wars, and the Vietnam War - through the artifacts, guns and uniforms that are on display. 

A historic family day out experience for the whole family, which gives a great insight into how much history just one small area can have! 

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Custer County Historical Society FAQ’s

Doing our bit

The museum are all about preserving the history of this important part of the county's past, so they have made sure it's all authentic.

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Custer County Historical Society?

There are plenty of places to eat in the area so make sure you grab something before or after your visit!

Any top tips when visiting?

While you're in the area, try and see more of the history! There are interesting cemeteries too.

Teachers corner

The museum is a great look into local history, and one local school might love. Give them a call to arrange your visit.

Is Custer County Historical Society fully accessible?

Call ahead if you need wheelchair access and they can advise you.

Any additonal information?

If you want a research trip, then call ahead for special occasions.