Casper Planetarium

Casper, WY

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Address: 904 N Poplar St, Casper, WY 82601, USA Number: 307-577-0310 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Are you ready to explore the wonders and magic of space and the universe on your next family day out? If you are, you could say you're in for an out of this world experience when you visit Casper Planetarium!

The Casper Planetarium in Wyoming offers a wide variety of shows that appeal to adults and children alike, giving kids not only a great learning experience, but also an amazing insight into all the incredible features outside of our atmosphere.

The full dome theater includes a digital projection, 360 degree fully animated graphics and surround sound, completely immersing the senses as you travel to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Each program is preceded by a tour of the night sky given by one of their staff.

The themes of the shows vary, so check the schedule and make sure you don't miss out! It might be a Halloween special, or it could be taking you through the Hot and Energetic Universe, or you might be off on a Cosmic Journey!

Don't miss spending some time in the lobby checking out the various displays either. Here, interactive exhibits with a science theme can introduce kids to a number of very cool artifacts including items from the Space Shuttle, they can feel how heavy a meteorite actually is, or they might want to play the moon-phase game. 

The lobby displays are free and open during regular hours, unless they are hosting a school.

So get ready kids to head out on an adventure of a lifetime, where the planets and beyond are waiting to be explored!

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Public Shows $3 per person. Lobby displays are free to look at



Same as adult


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Check out all the events on the website before you decide to go because you might want to schedule your trip around their very cool shows!

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Where is it at?

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They have over 60 programs that cover a number of topics, and love to introduce students to the wonders of the Universe! Each program presented to school groups was designed to match Wyoming state standards and/or NCSD #1 standards. Just give them a call to arrange!

Can I get one of those?


The gift shop is stocked with toys and gifts for inquiring minds. Mood rings, fiber optic and lava lamps, Mars Mud, voice changers, beach balls of planet Earth with glow-in-the-dark cities, remote control flying astronauts, experiment kits for young scientists, science books for kids, t-shirts that change color in the sun, and much more.

Need a little extra help?


Just speak to staff if you have any questions about the accessibility of the exhibits or theater, they will be happy to help!

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When can we go?

Regular opening hours 9am - 5pm. The lobby opens at 6:30 pm on Saturday evenings.

Public shows are presented Tuesday – Friday at 4:15 pm during the school year, Tuesday – Friday at 11 am and 4 pm during the summer, and Saturdays at 7pm and 8 pm all year.

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