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    I actually found a museum I did not like…& that museum is the Boise Art Museum…Maybe it was just the current exhibit that was on display…Maybe it is because I grew up in New York City (which has a vast variety of museums)…Or maybe it’s because my schooling at art school was a totally different medium then the art displayed at this museum…But whatever it was, I could not appreciate most of the art work shown here. The museum itself was very small, which I felt was not worth the price it’s marked. Even so, I’ve enjoyed even smaller museums then this one. The current exhibit (which took up half the museum) reminded me of what Muppet’s would look like on crack. The rest of the museum was a bit better, but it was distracting & odd to me how you can mix up the art periods so sporadically. One minute you’re looking at a sake jug from the 1800’s, the next minute you’re looking at a painting made 2 years ago (& it jumps back & forth like this. I’m used to museums like the Guggenheim or the MoMA were work periodically progresses, so you can enjoy the era’s in which art came from). Some of the newer art work was also a bit insulting, since it seemed like things I was painting or sculpting before I even went to high school! It also didn’t have much variety, as it seem’s like it only showed, at the time I visited, only two different themes. I did however like BAM’s Art in the Park event (at least that’s free admission, & has more variety of work. Items for sale are also way overpriced in my opinion)…

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    The shoe exhibition was delightful! Looking forward to returning when I come to Boise.

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