Belmont Ghost Town

Manhattan, NV

Where are we going?

Belmont Ghost Town
SR 82 Belmont
NV 89022

775 867-3001

What is there to do?

Visiting a ghost town in the USA can be a fascinating and exciting experience, and a visit to Belmont Ghost Town is one of those times!

Belmont Ghost Town is one of Nevada's most iconic ghost towns. Like many other cities back in the day across the state, Belmont was a grand, bustling city.

Following the first silver strike way back in 1865, Belmont saw a host of other precious and valuable materials found in the area, including copper lead and antimony.

This of course, like the famous Klondike Gold Rush, attracted a host of hungry gold prospectors.

The mining flourished, and then like so many other areas, it began to dwindle. At it's peak in the 1870s, the population reached it's largest hitting around 2,000. The town boasted five restaurants, two saloons, four stores, a post office, a livery stable, a bank, school, blacksmith shop and more. As you can see it really was a thriving town!

But then, in 1887, several of the mines shut down, work went where the now-valuable timber was, and the town was nearby abandoned. When this happened, most of the roofs went with the townsfolk, however there was one building that remained that is still an iconic feature to this day: The Belmont Courthouse.

A trip to Belmont Ghost Town is an incredible glimpse into the past, where kids can wander the streets looking at the incredible craftsmanship on the buildings, and just imagine what went on in an around what you see all around you. 

Belmont Ghost Town is completely off the grid, with no electricity, no gas or food nearby, so go prepared. There are a couple of shops open, but be prepared to be transported back to the 19th century, where you can pretend you have just struck silver!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free entry

Children: Free entry


When can we go?

Best in daylight hours

Open year round


Any top tips?

Be prepared with gas and food when traveling out there! You don't want to get stuck short

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