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    I live in Portsmouth and my son LOVES animals. After visiting all of the petting zoo’s in the area I looked on the internet for some new places to take my son. I then came across Bear Path Acres. It’s about an hour drive which isn’t too bad. When we arrived at first we were kind of confused on where to go. But you will see a fence with a sign that says ring the bell for service. It costs 10$ for adult admission. You can also pay 2$ for a small little bucket of animal food (which is carrots and apples! Not that pellet stuff!) It seems a little pricey for a petting zoo at first but those thoughts will melt away when you enter the zoo. One of the owners met us at the front to pay. She was so nice and informative. She gave us a rundown of the grounds and what animals we will see and directions around the area. She also told us that most of the animals at their zoo were rescue animals that had been neglected and abused. She told us that she was finishing her daily chores and that if we needed anything just find and ask her. My son LOVED feeding the mini horses. Also the armadillos were his favorite! They also have a grizzly bear, lions, a tiger,a cougar, and a black leopard. They also have a reptile house filled with different animals! These animals are all very active and seem to love seeing people. Plus they are a lot closer than if you were to go to a big zoo. Two of the owner’s grandchildren were running about and talking to us. They got the ferrets out the cage and let us pet one of them. (My son loved it!). All in all we had a great time. It’s not the most beautiful petting zoo in the world and there are small children toys laying about the grounds. However, if this zoo was a tad bit closer to where I live I would take my son here every weekend! I think it’s wonderful what the owners are doing here! I would gladly pay 10$ to go here and support this small family oriented petting zoo!