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    A true Wisconsin Treasure. To have the National Park Service maintaining these islands for all to enjoy is fantastic and they do a great job. My only comment is that more needs to be done to make it more accessible to those without boats. The Cruise Service does an OK job but the prices are high and the schedules are limited.

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    In 2014 the Lake was frozen over, apparently uncommon, and we walked out onto it (with 60,000+ of our closest friends) to see the rock formations. There was no big amphitheater like in the pics online, but it was totally worth it and very cool. I saw some people with little kids out there, and I wouldn’t advise it–there was one kid screaming as the father tied one slep on top of another with the kid inside to try to offer some shelter. It was chilly out there in the wind, and I’d say you’d be on the Lake for 90 minutes minimum walking out then seeing the formations. Dress really warmly. Parking is tough, so get there early, or late after cars have left. Otherwise you park along the road on the north side and a shuttle comes by.

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    Extremely pretty, but hard to get to.

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