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    My family and I were really disappointed by the conditions and lack of space at Animal Adventures. When I saw Groupons for an animal rescue and sanctuary, I was excited about the idea of taking my nieces there. I hate zoos and thought this would be a great way for them to learn about different types of animals. The pros: The staff was friendly and knowledgable. The cons: The lack of space at Animal Adventures was upsetting. Wallabies—animals that normally hop around everywhere and need to move around a lot, were confined to closet sized spaces. The animals didn’t have decent bedding like hay and all appeared to sleep on concrete. And while the staff was friendly, I don’t understand how they were not embarrassed by the animals’ lack of space and inability to move around. The tour guide actually joked about the skunks “not having to work for treats” when he hoisted one up. The poor skunk was so overweight that it had to be twice the size of a normal skunk and could barely move around. The last part was what prompted me to write this—when the tour guide reached into a large cooler that had been sitting on the floor the entire time and took out some sort of crocodile (maybe about four to five feet long). It had been confined to a cooler the entire time we had been there and in total darkness (no air holes from what I could see, either). When I asked the guide about this, he said that he didn’t like being around people so they kept him in there. So why the need to take him out at the end and have him be around people?I would definitely not go back and think Animal Adventures should reconsider its use of the word “sanctuary.” I’ve been to zoos and amusement parks where the animals had more space to move around and better sleeping conditions.